A Neurotic in an Exotic Land; The Adventures of Professor Lucas

Here you will find some related writings (generally not as funny as the book) and a little info about the author, as well as an excerpt from the book.
The photo above should have been the book's cover!--and it
should be turned around!

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Although some of the items I've now posted differ in their mood and style from the book itself, I am posting them here anyway because they date from roughly the time period in which the book was written--and, I believe they share a certain ambience with it. (note added 14 March 2010)

Monday, October 18, 2010


If you are looking for the first chapter of the book (or the missing half chapter) please keep looking. They are here; you only need to scroll down....

This note is only of interest to anyone who might happen to be wondering about disappeared links.....

I have removed some non-functioning links. All were leading to the Journal of Mundane Behavior. I don't know if it's gone completely out of existence, or if it is to be found within the gated communities of for-pay journals that only universities can afford to pay for.....
If it ever comes back for free, I'll restore the links.
I wonder how much writing of quality is actually available for free on the web, and how much of it is only available if you pay outrageous prices......but the actual percentage doesn't matter, there's just too much good stuff that is not free.......Jeez Loueeez, it's not as if the web were created with public money, right? I mean the falsely named but publicly funded DOD (accurately D of War) built the damn internet, didn't they?

Talking about absurdities, an article I wrote a few years back (22 July 2009 is the online publication date) that appeared in"Think" is being sold online for $45!!! I'm sure not getting the money!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

in passing....

apparently it passed by so quickly that I forgot it....