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Friday, April 29, 2011

note about my profile

At the risk of distracting from Professor Lucas and his adventures,
please allow me to add a note to my "Profile"--which is too short to avoid
being in some way misleading.

I describe myself as performing "unpaid work in the home".

When I say I perform "work", I mean that I am making a real contribution to the well-being
of other human beings. Those other human beings happen to be my parents, but as I said
recently in a letter to the two Senators from the state of Texas, I have no doubt in my mind
that my mother and father have made a greater contribution to world understanding,
peace between nations, not to mention simple civility, than the US Congress.

Not that my parents are unique in that regard. On the contrary, I think most mischief in
the world is not due to people who get classed as relatively powerless.

In any case, I am serious about the appellation "unpaid worker in the home",
but I have been inspired to think this way by Nancy Folbre, an economist who
has many important things to say in this area.

I am now including a link to a short essay by Folbre: