A Neurotic in an Exotic Land; The Adventures of Professor Lucas

Here you will find some related writings (generally not as funny as the book) and a little info about the author, as well as an excerpt from the book.
The photo above should have been the book's cover!--and it
should be turned around!

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Although some of the items I've now posted differ in their mood and style from the book itself, I am posting them here anyway because they date from roughly the time period in which the book was written--and, I believe they share a certain ambience with it. (note added 14 March 2010)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

About the Blog

All of the contents of this blog are copyright (c) by Mark J. Lovas, the author of the book--a short, comic novel.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about my book,

"A Neurotic in an Exotic Land; The Adventures of Professor Lucas",

available at Wordclay: www.wordclay.com

In this book an American philosophy professor, Louis Lucas, travels to Bratislava to attend a wedding. He meets a variety of people, and gets mixed up with the mafia--hence the word "adventures" in the sub-title. Lucas also encounters some lovely ladies who, it seems, are more in control of things than he is.

The picture you see above is regrettably rotated to the wrong angle. I hope to fix it in the future.

The picture was taken on the main square of Bratislava (capital of the Slovak Republic) in 1996. The square was being reconstructed. If you know Bratislava, Roland Fountain would be to the left. The building you see in the photo today contains a coffee shop (Cafe Meyer if my memory is working and nothing has changed since I've been there) as well as the Japanese Embassy.

Several chapters of the book take place in Bratislava.

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